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Release:Hebei Youth DailyTime:2019-10-12

On October 11, China International Digital Economy Expo 2019(hereinafter referred to as the Zhengding Expo) officially opened in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. During the on-site main forum, the government of Hebei Province and Tencent Company formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both sides will combine Tencent's core technological and financial capital advantages in mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence with the advantages of Hebei Province in policies, talents, planning and industrial resources to promote the deep fusion of The Digital Government and Gigital people's livelihood project of Hebei Province and the new generation of information technology.

Xia Yanjun, Vice Governor of Hebei Province, Tang Daosheng, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent Group and President of Cloud and Intelligence Industry Group witnessed the signing ceremony.

As an important part of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, in recent years, Hebei Province has vigorously promoted the digital reform of local industries, positively laying out the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy. Tencent is positioned as a digital assistant in the era of industrial Internet. Based on the technological capabilities accumulated in providing service for billions of users in various industries over the years, Tencent will help Hebei to build a "smart city" and promote the high-quality development of Hebei's real economy from many fields such as digital government, medical and health care, and smart travel. Export Tencent's core technology capabilities to help build "smart city" in Hebei.

Helping Hebei's "smart city" construction in all aspects with Tencent’s core technical capabilities

In the field of digital government, Tencent helps the government of Hebei province to improve the efficiency of government administration with WeChat and WeChat applets, which brought people convenience and effectiveness.

More and more work items can be handled online so that people need not go to the office several times, which is inseparable from the improvement of government administrative efficiency. It is reported that Tencent will also help to build an integrated government service platform product in Hebei Province, providing a one-stop solution and capacity support for government departments to promote the work of "Internet and government service". For example, it will help to establish a mobile government administration application system, to achieve mobile office and collaborative approval, and to improve the efficiency of cross-departmental government business collaboration and reduce administrative costs.

Based on the massive security service terminal coverage capacity, Tencent has built the largest security behavior database in the world. This advantage will help Hebei Province to achieve effective supervision of multiple scenarios in the field of "Internet and Market Supervision". It will help to optimize the business environment of Hebei and build the activity index of Hebei enterprises.

In the field of medical and health care, on the basis of "Health Cloud in Hebei" and the construction of information technology in medical institutions at all levels, Tencent’s five abilities of connection, internet, big data, artificial intelligence and security system will be introduced to comprehensively strengthen the medical and health services and supervision in Hebei Province in the aspect of internetization, remoteness, intelligence and dataization. They will create a provincial demonstration benchmark for "digital medical and health care Innovation" .

It is worth mentioning that in the field of culture and travel, Tencent will also cultivate and develop the e-sports industry jointly with the Cultural and Tourism Department of Hebei Province. The brand and ecological advantages of Tencent e-sports will help the development of Shijiazhuang e-sports industry, including, but not limited to, holding e-sports competitions, developing e-sports talents, and the improvement of industrial policy environment.

Two sides also consider introducing such events as Legends Professional League (LPL) and the Professional League of Kings Glory (KPL) to be hold in Shijiazhuang, and holding national and international e-sports competitions under mature conditions. In the future, Tencent will take the e-sports industry as a breakthrough, jointly with the government of Hebei Province to develop industries with characteristics and advantages, drive the development of surrounding industries, and cultivate new economic growth points.

Tencent and Hebei Explore Digital Economic Dividend together

With its accumulated experience in the construction of digital government, Tencent has explored a unique model through which digital government can be quickly applied to more cities. The connection between Tencent and Hebei has started many years ago.

On November 23, 2017, Tencent signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Administrative Committee of Xiongan New Area, Hebei Health and Family Planning Commission, Hebei Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hebei Medical University respectively. Since Xiongan New Area opened up and its enterprises could entere the zone, Tencent has been one of the first enterprises approved by the Administrative Committee of Xiongan New Area to enter the zone. It is also the first large Internet enterprise registered in Xiongan New Area.

Now Tencent cooperates with Hebei Province again, which confirms its role as a "digital assistant" in the process of building a digital government and deepens the two sides' efforts to build a digital and ecological community.

Tencent has been an active participant in helping the government with the digital construction in the fields of public services and people's livelihood.

The "Yueshengshi" ("Yueshengshi" is the first WeChat applet integrating people's livelihood services in China, and it is also an important achievement of the reform and construction of "digital government" in Guangdong Province. Users can handle a number of people's livelihood services in the applet after passing the authentication of "real person+real name".) WeChat applet jointly created by Tencent Cloud and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province in 2018 has become a popular application in the field of government services. At the same time, Tencent assisted the State Council in developing the WeChat applet, "China's Government Affairs Service Platform", bringing together the matters of all departments and localities in China, so that ministries and commissions can serve the whole country.

This year, Tencent further put forward the construction concept of "WeCity Future City", hoping to build digital government administration, urban governance, urban decision-making and industrial interconnection into a complete intelligent solution and aiming to promote the digital upgrading of urban services nationwide. It has already created a number of benchmarking cases.

For Hebei Province, due to the balanced development among major cities, the speed of the digital economy is relatively fast, and there is sufficient power to accelerate the integration of traditional industries and the Internet, which is consistent with Tencent's positioning of digital assistant and the practice of industrial Internet.

As both sides actively promote the in-depth integration of the real economy with the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, it is bound to release the dividends brought by the digital economy on the road of "electronic" government administration and "high speed" information.


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