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Highlights of 2021 CIDEE In Advance ① | Online and Offline Synchronous Interaction and Organic Integration

Release:Hebei Daily ClientTime:2021-09-05

You can listen to the insights of industry experts online, visit the virtual exhibition hall online, and talk about business cooperation opportunities in the cloud at 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo.  From September 6th to 8th, 2021 CIDEE will be held in Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center. This digital Expo will bring a new experience to the participating visitors: turn on your mobile phone and move your fingers to participate in the whole process without leaving home.

With the theme of "Innovative Development and Digital Economy", this digital Expo adopts online and offline synchronous interaction and organic integration, and holds the opening ceremony and theme summit, summit forum, theme activities, comprehensive exhibition, investment promotion and matchmaking, on-site experience, competition activities, achievement release and others.

The opening ceremony of the conference and two thematic summits are all conducted by means of live webcast, live recording and remote conference. Information technology will be used to break the regional and spatial restrictions and link the world through the Internet to realize the undifferentiated participation experience.

The opening ceremony is full of highlights. According to the relevant person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the digital Expo, the opening ceremony will use the virtual host throughout the whole process to complete the preparation and make a video connection with foreign guests, etc.. This will magnify human-computer interaction and bring a full sense of science and technology. Due to the epidemic, foreign guests cannot visit the opening ceremony in person. With the help of new technology, they will have a super time-space dialogue with the opening ceremony through video connection, so as to have an ideological storm based on black technology.

This digital Expo explores the "1 + 3" mode of organizing the Expo, setting up a main venue in Zhengding and three branch venues in Xiongan New Area, Langfang Airport Economic Zone and Huailai County. The branch venue can watch the opening ceremony and theme summit online, simultaneously hold activities such as smart Xiongan, airport economic industry matchmaking, China digital dam summit and Huailai big data industry innovation and development forum through the network platform to broadcast live within China and beyond so as to carry out industrial matchmaking and project signing.

Stay at home you can participate in VR digital Expo.The online virtual exhibition hall uses digital technologies such as VR and AR and 360 °×180 ° ring shooting technology stitches and synthesizes all images in the scene, making people feel immersive. Clicking on the product, voice broadcast and text introduction will come to you. Relying on the navigation map, the orientation of exhibits in each exhibition hall is clear, and you can see the exhibition hall with a light stroke of your finger. Virtual pavilions appear the screen, and the immersive experience makes the digital Expo exude new charm.

Accurate online matching and effective offline matchmaking. China Telecom, Alibaba, Huawei, Ziguang, Inspur... On the official website of the digital Expo, the list of exhibitors is presented one by one. At the same time, the official website also displays the information of more than 30 digital economic parks (bases) in Hebei province, such as Luquan Economic Development Zone Electronic Information Industrial Base Park and Zhengding Digital Economic Industrial Park, so as to facilitate exhibitors to seek potential cooperation with Hebei provincial industrial parks before the meeting, effectively connect and promote cooperation during the meeting, and create a new mode of attracting investment.

Online pavilions are displayed throughout the year, and online forums are played back indefinitely.On the official website, the virtual exhibition hall is displayed all year round, providing a long-term marketing platform and display window for exhibitors. More than 20 summit forums support video playback all year round, so that visitors can enjoy the digital economy feast anytime and anywhere... This digital Expo integrates online and offline exhibition resources, and creates a new mode of omni-channel synchronous marketing interaction, so as to better serve all participants and create a digital Expo that will never end.

Online solicitation and screening, and offline roadshow release. As one of the key activities of this digital Expo, the innovation achievement press conference is the highlight of the organic integration of online and offline. From August 6th to 26th, the organizing committee started the online registration of innovative achievements. As of 16:00 on August 25, nearly 70 high-tech and new technology products covering all walks of life from more than 50 enterprises have been collected. After offline roadshows, evaluation and on-site scoring, the innovative technology award, innovative product award and innovative application award will be selected and released at the digital Expo.

Competitive competitions are connected from online to offline. A large number of perceptible on-site experience activities such as virtual reality, augmented reality, human-computer interaction, remote control and 5G + applications have brought the cutting-edge technology of digital economy to the common places. For example, after the 2021 "Innovative China Chip" National Integrated Circuit Innovation Challenge solicits works online, preliminary evaluation and reply online will be also conducted, and finally the award ceremony and winning project roadshow offline on September 7th  will be held. This will help to explore excellent technical talents and innovation teams and enable the sustainable development of the industry.

Gong Xiaofeng, director of the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said that the use of online and offline synchronous interaction and organic integration to hold the digital Expo is not only the need of the "epidemic", but also the long-term trend of holding exhibitions and conferences in the information age. With the help of 5G, Big Data, VR and other emerging technologies, we will integrate online and offline resources to enhance the exhibitors' and visitors' experience, so as to promote the seamless connection between the two sides and achieve the goal of attracting talents, gathering wisdom and developing industry through the fair. (Hebei Daily-Reporter Mi Yanze)


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