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Zhangjiakou Big Data Industry Realizes the Whole Chain Development

Release:Hebei DailyTime:2022-02-17

"Last September, the first localized server in Hebei Province was officially offline in Baode Shuba, filling the gap in the equipment manufacturing industry in Zhangjiakou and even the big data industry chain of the whole province." On February 16, Xie Chongjie, chairman of Baode Shuba digital industry (Hebei) Co., Ltd., told reporters that the operation of Baode digital dam has created four firsts in Hebei Province: the first big data industrial equipment manufacturing base in Hebei Province, the first server and first PC produced locally in Hebei Province, and the first AI product detection system in Hebei Province.

Baode digital dam digital industry (Hebei) Co., Ltd. was registered in the Airport Park, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou City in May 2021 and built 2 sets of server and PC machine production lines. The company can achieve an annual output of 200,000 servers or 240,000 PCs. The production line is currently the most automated server and PC production line in China.

In the application of big data, Zhangjiakou Airport Economic Development Zone has introduced many relevant enterprises, and the prototype of "Northern Silicon Valley" is gradually emerging.

AIPARK Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading AI high-tech enterprise group in the field of intelligent transportation and intelligent parking. It has three business brands: AIPARK, AITRAFFIC and Super Vision, which fully covers the world's cutting-edge technologies and business scenarios like intelligent parking (static transportation), intelligent transportation (dynamic transportation) and artificial intelligence Ray-vision integration. Relying on strong algorithm advantages and mature AI technology capabilities, the enterprise has landed in 35 cities across the country, from intelligent hardware equipment to algorithms, from road sections to intersections and road networks.

Zhiyun Information Industry Development Co., Ltd. is committed to improving urban management with big data and providing full life cycle data technology services for cities. The company builds city-level digital real estate and provides full data link solutions for cities. It has undertaken the construction of education cloud, government cloud, energy platform, double carbon platform, dual generation project early warning and monitoring platform, future network (construction of national major science and technology infrastructure) and other projects in Zhangjiakou.

The counterpart of Zhangjiakou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said that in addition to the series of big data storage projects, Zhangjiakou is taking green big data storage as the traction in the development of big data industry and striving to build a characteristic, intensive and efficient development space layout of "one belt, three districts and multiple parks".

"One belt" means to speed up the construction of industrial parks and innovative service platforms, strengthen the supply of power, network and others, and build a uplift belt for the development of big data industry along the line of Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway and Zhangjiakou-Shijiazhuang expressway.

"Three zones" means to build three core functional zones for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei big data industry with joint contribution and shared benefits around the "One belt", including the core functional zone of big data storage in Bashang area led by Zhangbei County, the core functional zones of big data R & D, application and equipment manufacturing in Qiaodong District, Xuanhua District, Economic Development Zone and Chongli district, and the economic core functional zone of a big data innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration and headquarters in Linjing county.

"Multiple parks", means to, with a focus on the positioning of the three core functional zones, cultivate and develop a number of reasonably distributed, functional dislocation and efficient big data industrial parks, promote the agglomeration and development of big data core industrial chain and related industries to form a development pattern of multiple parks linkage.


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