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Comprehensive Exhibition


LeadsWith the theme of "Digital Economy Leads High-quality Development", 2019 China International Digital Economy Expo focuses on the forefront of digital economy development, fully displays the latest international and domestic technologies, products, services and business models in the field of digital economy, and conducts exchanges around new generation information technology hot topics such as big data, artificial intelligence and 5G, leading the future of digital economy. The main contents are as follows:

Comprehensive Exhibition

The exhibition covers 50,000 square meters, include Theme Exhibition Hall, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperation and Digital Hebei Area, New Generation Information Technology Area, Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart Society Area, etc. Outdoor settings include automatic driving, unmanned distribution, robot hosting, robot guidance and service, AR/VR equipment application, etc., are to display the latest technologies, products, services and business models in the digital economy field.

Opening Ceremony and Theme Summit

The provincial leaders preside over the opening ceremony, and the leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Hebei Province and China Federation of Network Social Organizations will attend the conference and deliver speeches. Famous academicians in the field of digital economy and international and domestic industry leaders will deliver keynote speeches. More than 1,500 people, including heads of national ministries and relevant provinces and cities, academicians, heads of international and domestic leading enterprises in the digital economy, authoritative experts and international scholars, representatives of influential media in the digital economy, and heads of industry authoritative international institutions, standards organizations and associations, will attend the opening ceremony and theme summit.

Intelligent Xiong 'An Summit Forum

Academicians, authoritative experts and important guests will be invited to give suggestions on the high starting point planning, high standard construction and high quality development of "Intelligent and Secure City of the Future", and make use of new generation information technologies such as big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to empower the city construction.

Matchmaking and Signing Activities

Focusing on transformation and upgrading to develop digital economy, the Expo will hold a series of industrial matchmaking activities and project signing ceremony, such as Xiong’An Internet Industry Matchmaking Meeting, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Comprehensive Experimental Zone and "Digital Highland of China" Matchmaking Meeting, New Generation Information Technology Industry Matchmaking Meeting and Hebei-Shenzhen Industry Matchmaking Meeting.

Forum of Chinese and Foreign Digital Economy Enterprises

The Expo will bring together industry leaders, academicians and well-known experts in the global digital economy, focusing on 5G/ Internet of Everything, Industrial Internet and Intelligent Manufacturing, Big Data and Cloud Computing, New Generation Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation of China Committee of 100 of Digital Economy, Blockchain, Intelligent Connected Vehicle, Digital Economy Unicorn, Digital Culture, Digital Commerce, Network Security, Webcast and Instant Music Video, Science and Technology Innovation Board and Digital Economy and other digital economy hot topics to exchange ideas, new models and ideas orientations for digital economy development. Focusing on promoting international exchanges and cooperation in the field of digital economy, China and France, China-Italy, China-Japan, Sino-French, Sino-Italian, Sino-Japanese and other international digital economic cooperation and exchange activities will be carried out.

Results Release and Selection Contest

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other national ministries and commissions released the latest achievements of digital economy, Forbes, an internationally renowned commercial media, released a number of excellent lists such as “the Top 100 Global Digital Economy List”, and relevant national authorities released more than ten heavyweight development reports such as “the 2019 Digital Economy Development Report”, “the China Internet Industry Economic Impact Report”, “the Forward-looking Research Report on Key Areas of Digital Economy”, and “the Top 100 Artificial Intelligence List”. During the conference, live finals such as the World University E-sports Competition and the Network Security Test Competition will also be organized.


  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • The People’s Government of Hebei Province

Executive Organizer

  • China Federation of Internet Societies
  • China Electronics Chamber of Commerce
  • China International Electronic Commerce Center
  • China Netcasting Services Association
  • Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s Government
  • Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province
  • Hebei Internet Information Office
  • Hebei Development and Reform Commission
  • Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology
  • Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce
  • Hebei Communications Administration


  • China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute
  • China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
  • National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center
  • The Fifth Electronic Research Institute of The Ministry of Industry And Information Technology
  • Center for International Economic and Technological Cooperation Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Chinese Institute of Electronics
  • China Academy of Industrial Internet
  • China Federation of Electronics and Information Industry
  • China Software Industry Association
  • China Association of Communication Enterprises
  • Hebei Federation of Digital Economics

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