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2022 Industry Outlook: Continuous Improvement of Internet Traffic and "IPv6 +" Innovation System Is Improving Day By Day

Release:Hebei DailyPeople's Post and TelegraphTime:2022-02-15

The year of 2021 is a milestone year for IPv6. In 2021, China's IPv6 development has officially entered the era of "traffic improvement" after going through key stages such as "network readiness" and "end-to-end connectivity". Looking forward to 2022, with the acceleration of digital transformation of the whole society, especially the rapid rise of new generation information and communication technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, IPv6 scale deployment will be more in-depth, traffic improvement will continue to speed up and "IPv6 +" innovation system will also be further improved to consolidate the "network base" of digital transformation of thousands of industries.

The era of "traffic improvement" has been fully opened

With the full opening of the era of digital economy, the supporting role of network in the high-quality development of economy and society is becoming increasingly prominent. As an important direction of network technology innovation, IPv6 can not only provide massive address resources, but also promote the evolution and upgrading of the Internet, provide strong support for the digital transformation of economy and society, and boost the construction of network power and digital China.

In order to accelerate the scale deployment of IPv6, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued The Three-Year Special Action Plan for IPv6 Traffic Improvement (2021-2023) (hereinafter referred to as the special action plan) in July 2021. Focusing on the overall goal of IPv6 traffic improvement, the special action plan not only defines the key development tasks in the next three years, but also promotes the development of IPv6 industry into a new era of "traffic improvement".

Soon afterwards, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has accelerated the "traffic improvement" of IPv6 through a series of measures. In August 2021, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a national deployment and implementation meeting for the three-year special action to improve IPv6 traffic, which carried out policy interpretation, publicity and implementation deployment for the whole industry. In September 2021, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the notice on strengthening and standardizing radio management in 2,400mhz, 5,100mhz and 5,800mhz bands, which included IPv6 support of home wireless router into the requirements for radio model approval and monitoring, and opened the "last 100 meters" of IPv6 traffic improvement terminal transformation. In September 2021, under the guidance of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commissions, National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration for Market Regulation and others, China Communications Standardization Association led the establishment of IPv6 standard working group.

Under the strong guidance of the policy, in 2021, the whole industry continued to promote the improvement of IPv6 network capacity, accelerated the transformation of IPv6 terminals, and finally realized the great rise of IPv6 traffic. Statistics show that by the end of 2021, the proportion of IPv6 traffic in China's mobile network has increased from 17.21% at the end of 2020 to 35.15%, and the proportion of IPv6 traffic in fixed network has increased from 4.3% at the end of 2020 to 9.38%, both of which have doubled year-on-year growth and exceeded the predetermined target. Facing 2022, with the wider application of IPv6, the IPv6 network capacity will be further enhanced, and the proportion of IPv6 traffic in both mobile and fixed networks will continue to increase.

"IPv6 +" promotes industrial upgrading

At the same time, the scale of "IPv6 + innovation" is also accelerating. The industry believes that, as the next generation Internet technology innovation system based on IPv6, "IPv6 +" will promote the comprehensive upgrading of network infrastructure and application infrastructure in various industries, and enable the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of the industry.

In the past year, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued many policies to promote the development of "IPv6 +". The special action plan clearly requires to gradually and orderly promote the "IPv6 +" network and technological innovation, accelerate the progress of technology research and development and standard research, expand the pilot of the existing network and gradually realize the scale deployment. The Development Plan of Information and Communication Industry in the 14th Five-Year Plan Period also clearly points out that we will support the pilot and large-scale application of "IPv6 +" innovative technology in key industries such as finance, energy, transportation, education and government affairs, so as to enhance the support ability of IPv6 network for industrial digital transformation and upgrading.

In January of 2022, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the notice on promoting cloud network integration and accelerating the construction of information infrastructure in small and medium-sized cities, which proposed to achieve the construction goals of gigabit access capacity and cloud resource pool covering more than 1,000 small and medium-sized cities by 2025. Among them, in the key task of "actively promoting the integration and innovation of cloud network technology in small and medium-sized cities", it is clear to speed up the deployment of "IPv6 +" and other network innovative technologies.

It is worth mentioning that under the guidance of the policy, all parties in the industry actively promote the innovation and development of "IPv6 +" and accelerate the emergence of "IPv6 +" applications. At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, "IPv6 +" has become a "black technology" that attracts the attention of the public. China Unicom combines the smart Winter Olympics private network with the "IPv6 +" innovative technology to build a high-quality private network based on the "IPv6 +" technology foundation, which can meet the high-quality and speed unlimited access needs of more than 150,000 terminals. At the same time, "IPv6 +" is also accelerating the implementation in government affairs, power, finance, medical treatment, education, energy and other industries, giving birth to all kinds of smart applications.

Looking forward to 2022, we have reason to believe that all parties in the industry, including basic telecom enterprises, Internet enterprises, CDN enterprises and terminal manufacturers, will further promote the construction of IPv6 network and terminal transformation. With more applications supporting IPv6, IPv6 traffic will continue to increase and "IPv6 +" will accelerate its integration into thousands of industries in order to build a solid network cornerstone for the needs of the era of smart connection of all things and provide strong support for the digital transformation of the whole society.


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