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China's Digital Economy Maintains Strong Development Resilience

Release:People's post and TelecommunicationsTime:2021-09-13

At the recently held 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo, Zhang Li, president of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, released the 2021 China digital economy development report at the opening ceremony and theme summit.

The report shows that China's digital economy development highlights frequently in 2021, and the digital economy maintains strong development toughness. Factor transformation is accelerating, and the cultivation of data factor market is entering a new stage. The speed of basic reengineering is accelerated, and the computing power network system of big data center is preliminarily established. The power is optimized and upgraded, and the investment in digital industry continues to increase. Integrating innovation and improving quality, digital scene has become a breakthrough in digital transformation. Institutional changes are accelerated, and the construction of the national digital governance system is speeded up.

Statistics show that in the first half of 2021, the growth rate of many core digital economy industries such as electronic information manufacturing, software and information technology services exceeded 20%, the output growth of important products such as new energy vehicles, industrial robots and integrated circuits exceeded 40%, and the investment in important fields such as electronic and communication equipment manufacturing and e-commerce services increased by more than 20%. The development momentum led by the digital industry has been fully demonstrated. E-commerce consumption and online and offline service consumption are favored. The national online retail sales reached 6.11 trillion Chinese yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.2%. The trade in digital services such as electronic information and information services increase significantly. The recovery and growth of production, investment, consumption and trade have been enabled in all-round way. The role of digital economy engine continues to strengthen.


Accelerate Transformation of Factors and Speed Up Reconstruction of Infrastructure

The report points out that the cultivation of data factor market is entering a new stage of multi-point breakthrough and system construction. Local governments strengthen the top-level design and system guarantee of data element market. Guangdong Province takes the lead in promoting the reform of market-oriented allocation of data elements. Jiangsu Province explores and practices the chief data officer system. Internet platforms, communication service providers and data service providers have laid out the data factor market operation system, developed various emerging technologies with "data availability and invisibility" as the core, enriched the supply of data resources, and created professional circulation service modes and application scenarios. Industry enterprises have made great efforts to improve their data management capabilities, deepened the development and utilization of data, and gradually participated in the circulation and transactions of the data market. 149 units have completed the national standards for the maturity of data management capabilities, and the space for data value dividends has been fully opened.

With the release of the implementation plan for the computing hub of the collaborative innovation system of the national integrated big data center and the three-year action plan for the development of new data centers (2021-2023), the computing network system of the national integrated big data center has been preliminarily established. The report shows that eight national hub nodes such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area, Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area and others take the lead in exploring the cluster construction of regional data centers, getting the breakthrough of computing power collaborative scheduling mechanism, and making the innovation of market-oriented operation mode of data centers.

Under the guidance of national policies, Beijing, Shanghai and other places have successively issued plans or guidelines for the overall development of data centers to accelerate the evolution of data centers in the direction of high technology, high computing power, high energy efficiency and high security. The integration of computing services and edge scenarios is opened, and the blueprint of multi-level infrastructure system is displayed.


Power Optimization and Upgrading,Innovation Integration and Quality Improvement

As the core driving force and fundamental competitiveness of the development of digital economy, digital industry is becoming a common choice for all localities to plan the industrial development in the 14th five-year plan. Support policies for digital industries such as integrated circuits, basic software and artificial intelligence have been gradually improved, and capital investment has continued to increase. According to the report, among the 25 advanced manufacturing clusters jointly built by Ministries and Provinces across the country, 40% are dominated by digital industry. The total market value of listed enterprises in the field of digital economy reached 14.5 trillion Chinese yuan, an increase of 19.8% month on month. Tencent, Alibaba, Meituan and other 11 enterprises are shortlisted in the top 30 global market capitalization. Rely on science and technology, leading enterprises play the role of the main force, accelerate the application and promotion of key technologies and products, create a diversified and prosperous domestic information technology application and innovation ecology, accelerate the layout of "going abroad" and speed up the "dual circulation" of digital economy.

The report points out that the digital scene is the feasibility exploration and effective practice of digital transformation, and the concentrated embodiment of the integration of digital technology and business, service supply and demand, mode innovation and value, which is becoming an important breakthrough for all localities to promote digital transformation.

At present, Zhejiang is fully implementing the digital reform, exploring the establishment of a full scene directory, the province's one account, giving priority to urgent use and practicality, and taking the lead in building a digital scene demonstration in terms of credit, transportation, enterprise service and grass-roots governance. Shanghai has actively promoted the digital transformation of the city, implemented the digital scene ""introducing an open competition mechanism to select the best candidates", highlighted the "solving high-frequency difficulties and benefiting enterprises and people", and cooperated to promote the iterative innovation and traction transformation of digital scenes in the fields of industrial Internet, online new economy, science, technology and finance.


Institutional Transformation and Digital Governance System Improvement

At present, the digital economy has created a new competition mechanism with networks, data, algorithms and platforms as the key. The "catfish effect" brought to the traditional economy has been continuously amplified. While stimulating new subjects, new models and new business forms, it has also brought more governance problems. The report points out that in the face of new challenges, the construction of the national digital governance system has been accelerated, the three legal pillars of The Network Security Law, The Data Security Law and The Personal Information Protection Law have been gradually implemented, and the laws and regulations in the fields of platform economy, industry data management and key infrastructure have been improved step by step.

Many departments jointly carry out platform antitrust, network security review and other actions, form a governance joint force, and actively respond to the "gaps" in network ecology, platform operation, data security and other supervision caused by the new business format. Grassroots governance has given full play to its pioneering spirit. Guangdong Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places have accelerated the exploration of "grassroots programs" for good law and good governance that meet the needs of the market and the industry, and led the new process of reform with digital economic governance.


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