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What did Hebei Gain from 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo

Release:Great Wall NetTime:2021-09-09

At the 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo, nearly 500 enterprises displayed cutting-edge digital scientific and technological achievements and applications. More than 20 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 300 industry leaders, authoritative experts and scholars talked about the future development of digital economy. While demonstrating their digital achievements, many Hebei enterprises have touched the future, reached new cooperation and gained confidence.

As a large iron and steel Province, the digital transformation of iron and steel enterprises has attracted much attention. The digital platform of the central digital center, the industrial chain coordination platform, the iron and steel industrial products online supermarket and the iron and steel network freight platform are broadcast on 19 large screens in the exhibition hall of HBIS Group of the digital expo, displaying the digital technology achievements of the enterprise.


Jiang Tao, digital marketing director of HBIS, told reporters that the company has brought the industrial Internet platform accumulated in the traditional production field in recent years and various applications incubated on this platform. Through the application of artificial intelligence, big data, digital twin and other technologies, HBIS has realized the whole process intelligent manufacturing function, with the inventory rate reduced by 50%, the yield increased by 1% and the energy consumption reduced by 30%.

"At the digital Expo, we met with old and new friends in the industry and had in-depth communication. We saw that many familiar enterprises are devoting themselves to development and continuous growth. We see more clearly the development path of the company's digitization in the future and have more confidence in success!"

In Exhibition Hall 2, Shi Rongzhi, marketing director of Shijiazhuang Chichao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., received many enterprises who came to discuss cooperation intentions. Shi Rongzhi introduced that the company mainly carries out robot application research and development around the advantageous industries in Shijiazhuang. At present, its products have covered many industrial fields such as industrial production, scientific research and education and unmanned economy, and has established strategic partnerships with many listed companies such as Huawei, Tongrentang Health and China Telecom.


Shi Rongzhi said that our digital chemical plant project for Hebei Pingle Group has entered the application delivery stage, and many enterprises hope to further cooperate in this exhibition.

In recent years, Hebei has formulated a series of industrial support policies, and the digital economy has increasingly become the main engine of Hebei's economic growth, the initiative of transformation and upgrading, and the main position of entrepreneurship and innovation.

At this Expo, Shijiazhuang High Tech Zone threw an attractive "olive branch" to Unicorn enterprises. For enterprises that have obtained private investment within 10 years of establishment, have not yet been listed, and have a valuation of more than US $300 million after the latest round of financing, they will be rewarded with up to 30 million Chinese yuan, 50 million Chinese yuan, 80 million Chinese yuan and 100 million Chinese yuan respectively according to 10% of the total investment of the enterprise in the previous year.

On Sept. 6, three Unicorn enterprises including Yunhu Technology signed a settlement agreement with Shijiazhuang High Tech Zone. Meanwhile, five local enterprises such as Senlang Biology and Pingpu Technology have also been identified as potential unicorn cultivation enterprises. 20 enterprises such as Yiduyun and Xuanzhu Biology are shortlisted as "Chinese digital medical new species enterprise".


The latest valuation of Senlang Biology is 1 billion Chinese yuan. Guo Shengmin, general manager of Senlang Biology, disclosed that the company will be listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in October this year. The listing of Xuanzhu Biology is also stepping up. The digital Expo makes Hebei people hear the footsteps of Unicorns getting closer and closer.

Dai Baojin, member of the Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Shijiazhuang High Tech Zone, said that after three Unicorn enterprises such as Yunhu Technology settled in Shijiazhuang, they will fill the gap of Unicorn enterprises in Hebei Province.

Yang Weili, Hebei regional manager of GBASE, said that after the exhibition in a few days, more visitors and enterprises will know and understand our database products. I also saw the desire of Hebei enterprises for informatization and the pursuit of cutting-edge technology.

We can also see that Hebei opportunities also attract the recognition of powerful enterprises in Beijing, Shenzhen and other places through the digital Expo.


During the digital Expo, Zhou Hongyi, founder and chairman of 360, revealed that 360 Group plans to establish network security operation centers in Shijiazhuang, Langfang and Baoding to provide security support for industrial digitization in Hebei Province and help Hebei speed up the digitization process. Zhou Hongyi said that the digital economy is a huge opportunity for Hebei province. We should select good scenes in traditional advantageous industries and introduce digital thinking to accelerate the digital breakthrough of Hebei's traditional scenes.


On Sept. 7, Hebei Southern UAV Industrial Park (intelligent manufacturing base) was successfully signed, and Shenzhen UAV Industry Association will carry out in-depth cooperation with Xingtai Renze district government and China Electronics Chamber of Commerce. Yang Jincai, president of Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, believes that Hebei has complete landforms such as plateau, mountain, hill, basin and plain, which has rich UAV application scenarios and broad development prospects for the UAV industry. He suggested that Hebei should strengthen cooperation with Beijing, Tianjin and Dawan District, introduce high-end talents and build more UAV application scenarios and industrial bases.

On Sept. 6, Neuedu Technology Group and Hebei SYSTOP INC signed a cooperation agreement. In the follow-up, the two sides will focus on in-depth cooperation on college construction and talent team training, jointly promote software professional talent training, and provide intellectual support for the development of digital economy.


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