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The Conference Early News: The Industrial Digitization Road of Dairy Enterprises

Release:2021 CIDEE Organizing CommitteeTime:2021-09-05

2021 China International Digital Economy Expo

Industry digitization series: The Industrial Digitization Road of Dairy Enterprises

The 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo, jointly hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Peoples Government of  Hebei Province, will be held in Zhengding. There are many "leaders" in the manufacturing industry in Hebei. They have introduced and learned a large number of intelligent and digital technologies, established a perfect manufacturing management system, realized the digital management and control of enterprises, and become a new model of enterprise digitization and intelligence. Among them, in recent years, as the largest dairy processing enterprise in Hebei Province, JUNLEBAO Dairy Group has realized a huge and complete digital supply chain upgrading management measure by promoting digital transformation and upgrading in the upstream and downstream links of the whole industrial chain. How can all this be done?

■ "Secret" of the Electronic Collar On the Cow

According to the relevant person in charge of JUNLEBAO Dairy Group, in recent years, JUNLEBAO has cooperated to build "JUNLEBAO Breeding Cloud" through the industry, university, research and use alliance, and now covers more than 260 owned and cooperative pastures, totaling more than 300,000 cows.

The person in charge said, "the electronic collar worn by each cow can upload the cow's physical indicators to the cloud platform in real time, evaluate its health status and give early warning." At the same time, the person in charge said that each raw milk transportation tank car is equipped with GPS electronic lock. By delimiting the unlocking range of GPS electronic lock on the map, the tank car can only load and unload raw milk in the designated area, ensuring the safety of raw milk transportation. The milk storage tank is transformed and upgraded with Internet of things technology. Multiple temperature sensors are installed in the milk storage tank. The temperature of multiple detection points in the tank can be viewed and warned on the mobile phone in real time to ensure the safety of raw milk storage.

■ More Than 1,500 Sensors in One Production Line

At the same time, they have introduced the technical equipment of leading foreign or domestic industry first-line brands. The five milk powder automatic production lines, according to the world's advanced technical standards, are established by German GEA company, which integrates more than 20 patents from 10 countries around the world, such as Germany, France and Denmark and it undertakes the process design and equipment manufacturing of the whole production line. This is the world's leading production line of formula milk powder. It is at the forefront of high-end technology in the global production system, and has high added value and technical content.

The person in charge said, "for example, a production line of a milk powder factory has more than 1500 sensors, and the digitization rate of equipment has reached more than 95%. The person in charge also introduced that the equipment is integrated and coordinated through the MES system. The MES system interacts with the ERP system upward, undertakes the production plan and feeds back the implementation of the production plan. Downward integration with SCADA system, real-time collection of production and operation parameters and control of production equipment operation. Through the integration between ERP, MES, SCADA and other systems, the collaborative connection of all production links is realized. The integration of ERP system and front-end marketing system completes the automatic transformation from sales order to production plan and purchase plan, and realizes the balance between production, supply and marketing.

■ More Than 90% of the Intelligent Three-Dimensional Library is Intelligent or Automatic Equipment

Focusing on the construction and implementation of infant milk powder intelligent factory, JUNLEBAO Group has built and developed core intelligent manufacturing equipment and software systems such as production workshop pretreatment system, evaporation drying system, powder treatment system, MES production management system, LIMS laboratory management system, finished product automatic conveying system, bar code automatic identification system, traceability system, finished product automatic stacking system, automatic storage system, automatic control system, automated warehouse management and control system and ERP management system.

The person in charge said, "These systems realize the integration of management, acquisition, execution and other levels through interconnection to promote the overall construction of the industry and realize the transformation of the traditional dairy industry to intelligence. " According to the person in charge, the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse is designed with 8 sets of roadway stackers, and below the corridor is the in-and-out tray conveyor system, all equipped with size detection bar code reading, bus communication, automatic control, computer monitoring, warehouse computer management and other systems. The intelligent three-dimensional warehouse adopts multi axis manipulator, AGV, RGV, air suspension, stacker, stacking line, conveyor and circular shuttle. More than 90% are intelligent or automatic equipment. The warehouse management system (WMS) completes the automatic management of logistics, and can make appropriate adjustments according to the requirements of production time in the implementation process. The intelligent three-dimensional library evaluates the operation status of the logistics system and strives to maximize the utilization of equipment and reasonable logistics."

The official said, "digital technology provides technologies and means for energy conservation and emission reduction, improving per capita labor efficiency and reducing overall costs." The system management and control based on digital technology realizes the standardized replication of management mode. It provides a guarantee for the stable and reliable quality of milk powder. Moreover, the digital construction has solidified the company's system and process in the system, continuously optimized with the development of business, and upgraded the company's management mode“ The digital construction has realized the seamless connection and integrated operation of pastures, factories and markets, and effectively promoted the integrated operation of the dairy industry chain. " 



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