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The First Trusted Industrial Data Space Ecological Chain Conference Held By China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT)


On January 19, 2022, the first trusted industrial data space ecological chain conference was held online. Wang Jianwei, deputy director of the Department of Information Technology Development of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhu Sendi, honorary director of the Expert Committee of China Machinery Industry Federation and member of National Manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee, and Yu Xiaohui, president of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, delivered the welcome remarks.

Wang Jianwei stressed that industrial data is the key to promote the development of digital, networking and intelligent manufacturing. Exploring ways of building a credible industrial data space is an effective means to promote industrial data sharing and circulation in a large scale, a fuller range, and a orderly manner, and an important way to stimulate the value of data elements and expand the multiplier effect of data productivity.

Zhu Sendi elaborated on the challenges faced by the data circulation in the manufacturing industry today, and pointed out that the development of industrial data in our country faces such problems as incomplete data collection and convergence, inadequate circulation and sharing, not deepening of data development and application, ineffective management and implementation, and prominent governance safety weakness, which urgently needs to be expanded and deepened.

Yu Xiaohui summarized the main work achievements of the CAICT in the field of trusted industrial data space, and proposed that in the next step, CAICT will focus on the construction of data element market, strengthen the research on rule system, technology industry and application mode, and explore the development route of the market-oriented construction of data elements in China, and actively promote the deepening and implementation of trusted industrial data space industry practice with all parties based on the ecological chain.

At the meeting, CAICT carried out and interpret the Trusted Industrial Data Space System Architecture 1.0 White Paper. Tao Yaodong, professor of Beijing Jiaotong University conducted the report with the theme of Trusted Industrial Data Space Key Technology Research. The experts from China Telecom, Huawei, Baidu, Hua Kong Tsing Jiao, Zhejiang SUPCON, CRRC and Alibaba Cloud also shared and discussed the cases from the perspectives of technology research and development and practice landing.

Next, with a base on the ecological chain, CAICT will constantly improve the structure of the space system of trusted industrial data, carry out technical verification and development of test beds, and constantly optimize the standard system and the formulation of key standards. CAICT will create a number of industry pilot cases, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, explore the application value and development model of credible industrial data space, and provide path reference for the marketization of industrial data elements.


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