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2021 CIDEE Is About To Appear In Full Play, With a Strong "Digital" Atmosphere

Release:People's Daily - Hebei ChannelTime:2021-09-04

2021 CIDEE is about to appear in full dress, with a strong "digital" atmosphere

2021 China International Digital Economy Expo is about to open, and all preparations are being stepped up. Photographed by Zhu Pengtao of

Shijiazhuang, September 3rd (Yuan Zhiguang) early in the morning of September 3rd, Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center and the theme exhibition hall of 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) were busy, decorating the exhibition hall, carrying the exhibition works and arranging the details of the exhibition hall. The exhibitors are preparing intensively.

In fact, it is not just the place where the conference is held that is under intense preparation. In recent days, careful citizens of Shijiazhuang can notice that various publicity slogans have been everywhere on many main roads such as Yuhua Road and Zhongshan Road - 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo is about to appear, and a strong "digital" atmosphere is coming.

2021 China International Digital Economy Expo is about to open, and all preparations are being stepped up. Photographed by Zhu Pengtao of

"Unicorn" enterprises gather a number of "black technologies" for the first time

"A total of 468 enterprises participated in the Expo, bringing together many cutting-edge well-known enterprises in the field of digital economy and digital economy 'Unicorn' enterprises at home and abroad, showing distinctive characteristics of internationalization, cutting-edge, application, industrialization and synchronization," said the relevant person in charge of the Expo Executive Committee.

It is reported that a number of "black technology" achievements will appear at this Expo. Huawei's "good hope" smart camera, iFLYTEK's "document intelligent proofreading system", Vicino's flexible 1mm U-shaped folding innovation terminal, and Aolin technology's enterprise level digital twin construction and application are all launched in China.

Moreover, digital innovative products that subvert the imagination will also be seen everywhere - a large number of cutting-edge new products such as China Mobile Pterosaur "air base station", China Iron Tower Corporation's "Iron Tower Visual Link", Shanghai wanglian Information Technology Co., Ltd.'s "blockchain traceability platform", and Hainan Anmaiyun network technology Co., Ltd.'s "matrix storage" will be displayed. Let participants experience the charm of new digital products.

2021 China International Digital Economy Expo is about to open, and all preparations are being stepped up. Photographed by Zhu Pengtao of

Several overseas exhibition groups will participate in the frontier science and technology event.

In addition to "black technology" achievements and new products, this Expo will also be a grand exhibition of new business forms.

It is reported that CETC will systematically display the leading solutions of business sectors such as "network communication, spatial information, semiconductor application, information creation engineering and industrial Internet", Kingdee software will display China's first independently controllable enterprise level cloud service platform "Kingdee Cloud·Sky", and UFIDA network will display the independently developed business innovation platform UFIDA BiP. ZTE will bring mature, stable and commercially leading domestic financial transaction distributed database. Hypergraph multidimensional will show the application of GIS technology in digital twin cities and digital governance.

The latest news shows that the Expo has attracted enterprises from overseas exhibition groups such as India, South Korea and European enterprises. The exhibitors include not only Indian indo-mim and other traditional industry digital transformation enterprises, but also Korean ESE, 4S mapper, Norma and other new digital industrialization enterprises.

It is reported that the advanced products and technical solutions brought by these overseas enterprises will open a convenient door for Hebei enterprises to appreciate and learn from the advanced IT technology from all over the world.

2021 China International Digital Economy Expo is about to open, and all preparations are being stepped up. Photographed by Zhu Pengtao of

Academicians and industry leaders gathered for an ideological feast

"More than 20 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 300 industry leaders and authoritative experts and scholars are invited to the Expo." the relevant person in charge of the Executive Committee of the Expo said that 100 important guests, including Wan Lijun, chairman of the Federation of Overseas Chinese, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliance, Li Zixue, chairman of ZTE, Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 company, and Liu Qingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, will attend the Expo, Nobel laureate George Smoot, Secretary General Zhao Houlin of the International Telecommunication Union, president Justin Kassel of the global future Council of the future computer of the world economic forum, and vice president Wei Yuege of Siemens digital industry group will attend the meeting online. At that time, many industry celebrities will have super time and space dialogue online and offline to talk about the future of global digital economy.

It is expected that this Expo will be a fruitful event. Data show that 206 projects to be signed will be collected for this Expo, with a total investment of 151.24 billion Chinese yuan. Compared with 2019, the number of projects increased by 56, and the total investment increased by 4.74 billion Chinese yuan. Among them, the proportion of information technology manufacturing, new infrastructure construction, software and information technology service projects has increased significantly.

2021 China International Digital Economy Expo is about to open, and all preparations are being stepped up. Photographed by Zhu Pengtao of

More news:

There are many highlights in the five exhibition areas. Ordinary visitors need to make an online reservation to see the exhibition on site

Shijiazhuang, September 3rd (Yuan Zhiguang, Zhu Pengtao) this Expo has five exhibition areas, including theme exhibition, digital industry exhibition, digital life exhibition, digital Hebei and key regional exhibition and outdoor intelligent networked automobile experience exhibition. The total exhibition area is 50,000 square meters. Each exhibition area has novel design, bright color and prominent theme. Through physical objects, pictures and texts Video and other innovative ways such as AR / VR are displayed in an all-round way, with a variety of highlights.

Hall 8 is the theme exhibition hall, Hall 1 is the digital Hebei and key regional exhibition hall, Hall 2 is the digital industry exhibition hall, and Hall 3 is the digital life exhibition hall. Among them, the theme exhibition hall focuses on more than 40 enterprises such as Belgium 8amgroup technology network company, Ali, Huawei, Inspur, Baidu, ant blockchain and hello travel, including the world's top 500, internationally renowned IT enterprises, top 100 electronic information, top 100 software, top 100 Internet and "unicorn" of digital economy, and displays their latest products and solutions. In addition, in the outdoor intelligent Internet connected vehicle experience exhibition area, car lovers can experience the fun of automatic driving.

2021 China International Digital Economy Expo is about to open, and all preparations are being stepped up. Photographed by Zhu Pengtao of

According to the arrangement of the conference, September 6-7th is the matchmaking day for professional visitors and September 8th is the viewing day for ordinary visitors. From 9:00 to 12:00 on September 6th, the audience can choose to watch the live broadcast of the opening ceremony and theme summit online, and the parallel forum activity videos and online virtual exhibitions can be watched through the official website of the Expo.

It is understood that in order to do a good job in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the number of participants was strictly controlled. The offline scale of the opening ceremony and theme summit will be reduced to 300, the offline scale of other forums is no more than 100, and the number of visitors to the comprehensive exhibition is 10,000 per day.

Visitors who intend to participate in the exhibition at Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center need to log in to the official website of China International Digital Economy Expo to make an appointment, fill in the registration information online and submit it for review. After passing the review, they will enter the site with 48 hour nucleic acid negative certificate, health code, travel card and QR code received.

Warm Tips: exhibitors and participants should carefully read the requirements for epidemic prevention and control. During the exhibition, they must wear masks, strictly implement the "one meter line" and other prevention and control requirements, and do a good job of protection to ensure safety.


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