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Read the highlights of 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo

Release:2021 CIDEE Executive CommitteeTime:2021-09-05

This afternoon, the Information Office of People’s Government of Hebei Province held a press conference on 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo and introduced the related information of the conference. Let's learn about the highlights of this digital event. ↓↓

2021 China International Digital Economy Expo (CIDEE) will be held in Zhengding International Exhibition Center, Shijiazhuang from September 6th to 8th.

2021 CIDEE is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and People’s Government of Hebei Province and will be held in Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Exhibition Center from September 6th to 8th with the approval of the People’s Republic of China. The conference will adhere to the international vision and high-end positioning, and strive to create a more exciting and influential digital economy event with a more open and pragmatic concept.

Highlight the Theme of the Conference and Enrich Wonderful Forum Activities

With the theme of "Innovative Development and Digital Economy", the conference will be focused on three major national events: the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the planning and construction of Xiong’an New Area and the preparation of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. 2021 CIDEE, centered on new business formats, new models and cutting-edge hotspots in the field of digital economy, will set up one main venue and three branch venues, and adhere to the six in one uses of "conference, exhibition, competition, experience, release and matchmaking" so as to make every effort to build a national digital economy exchange and cooperation platform  with international characteristic.

"One Main Venue". Namely,  2021CIDEE will establish the main venue in Zhengding, Shijiazhuang.The Expo will hold more than 30 activities, including the opening ceremony and theme summit, comprehensive exhibition, international digital economy cooperation summit forums, digital industry transformation and development forums, and digital Hebei theme activities, covering the fields of 5G, industrial Internet, carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality, platform economy, international cooperation and others. It will brings together global industry leaders and well-known experts in-depth discussion of the new trend and model of the integrated development of digital economy and real economy. It will also invite national scientific research institutions to release a series of digital economy development indexes, top 100 lists and research results, and hold events such as "Innovative China Chips"  integrated circuit challenge competition and digital sports competition.

"Three Branch Venues". Namely, 2021CIDEE will set up three branch venues in Xiong’an New Area, Langfang Airport Economic Zone and Zhangjiakou Huailai County respectively. The Expo will hold activities such as intelligent Xiong’an forum, digital airport economic zone construction forum, "China Digital Dam" summit and Guanting Lake "Digital Economy Gathering Conference". Combined with the unique advantages of the three places, the Expo will carry out industrial matchmaking and project signing, and comprehensively display the great potential and broad prospects for the development of digital economy in Hebei province.

Highlight integrity and innovation, and integrate online and offline

It will be held in the form of "offline + online", with the help of 5g, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to realize the unification of intelligent and security meetings.Domestic and foreign guests and visitors will communicate "face to face" offline through webcast and video conference connection;Through the 720 degree 3D panoramic "cloud exhibition hall", you can feel the rapid development and changes in the field of digital economy.Many leading figures of digital economy will attend the forum or give speeches in the form of video. More than 100 industry leading enterprises and unicorn enterprises such as Huawei, Alibaba and Siemens will participate in the exhibition and focus on a number of the latest scientific and technological achievements.

Highlight digital empowerment and make industrial projects pragmatic and colorful

The 2021 CIDEE will focus on the direction of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, adhere to the trinity uses of project signing, matchmaking and release, and strive to create a new highland for the development of digital economy.

In terms of project signing, focusing on the fields of artificial intelligence, big data and industrial Internet, new display and others, the Expo will organize domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to sign contracts intensively for key projects invested in Hebei province. At present, the number of projects to be signed and the total investment during the Expo have exceeded that of the first session.

In terms of project matchmaking, the Expo will hold the matchmaking of achievements incubation and transformation industries of colleges and universities under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as well as the special investment matchmaking activities of Xiong’an national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone, Zhengding digital economy industrial park, Huailai big data industrial base and Zhangbei cloud computing base, involving new infrastructure, information technology services, information technology manufacturing, smart city and others.

In terms of project release, the Expo will launch the release of scientific research achievements, new technologies and new products in the field of digital economy, promote in-depth exchanges between parks and enterprises in Hebei province and participating enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes, and strive to reach a number of cooperation projects.


  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • The People’s Government of Hebei Province

Executive Organizer

  • China Federation of Internet Societies
  • China Electronics Chamber of Commerce
  • China International Electronic Commerce Center
  • China Netcasting Services Association
  • Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s Government
  • Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province
  • Hebei Internet Information Office
  • Hebei Development and Reform Commission
  • Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology
  • Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce
  • Hebei Communications Administration


  • China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute
  • China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
  • National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center
  • The Fifth Electronic Research Institute of The Ministry of Industry And Information Technology
  • Center for International Economic and Technological Cooperation Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Chinese Institute of Electronics
  • China Academy of Industrial Internet
  • China Federation of Electronics and Information Industry
  • China Software Industry Association
  • China Association of Communication Enterprises
  • Hebei Federation of Digital Economics

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