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More Than 200 Guests Gathered In Xiong’An To Discuss The New Path And Trend Of Digital Economy Development

Release:2021 CIDEE Executive CommitteeTime:2021-09-05

The Expo Early News that Xiongan New Area Branch Venue

More than 200 guests gathered in Xiongan to discuss the new path and trend of digital economy development

From September 6 to September 8, 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo, hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Peoples Government of Hebei Province will be grandly opened in Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center. During the conference, in addition to setting up the main venue in Zhengding, three branch venues are also set up, namely Xiongan New Area Venue, Langfang Airport Economic Zone Venue and Huailai County Venue, Zhangjiakou City. What are the wonderful digital feasts in these three branch venues? Let see together.

It is reported that the preparations for the Xiongan New Area Venue of 2021 CIDEE are advancing in an orderly manner, striving to be novel, unique and wonderful.Among them, on September 6th, Xiongan New Area will hold a smart Xiongan construction and development forum and a digital Xiongan Night. More than 200 guests, including leaders of national Ministries and Commissions, academicians and scholars and leaders of digital economy, will gather in Xiongan to discuss new paths and trends of digital economy development and exchange new models and applications of digital economy.

Digital Xiongan and Smart Future 

The smart Xiongan construction and development forum is hosted by the Organizing Committee of 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo and the Management Committee of Xiongan New Area. With the theme of "Digital Xiongan and Smart Future" and the main line of "digital industrialization and industrial digitization", the forum will release and display the important achievements of smart city construction in Xiongan New Area, jointly discuss the important value of data as a key production factor of digital economy, and make suggestions for the development of digital economy in Xiongan and China.

Gather Celebrities and Focus on the Frontier 

The forum will invite heavyweight guests such as government leaders, academicians and experts, representatives of industry leading enterprises and scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Focusing on the forefront of digital economy development and the excellent cases of smart city construction in Xiongan New Area, the guests will deliver keynote speeches on the topics of digital road, smart community, blockchain innovation services, artificial intelligence algorithms and digital twins, and contribute new ideas and models to the construction of digital smart city and the development of digital economy in the future so as to jointly help Xiongan New Area to build a world leading digital city and lead the future of digital economy.

Great Signing and Great Brilliance

The signing ceremony of key projects will also be held at the site of the intelligent Xiongan Construction and Development Forum. At that time, Xiongan New Area will sign cooperation agreements with relevant key enterprises and cooperative enterprises, involving Internet Industrial Park, digital road, smart appliances, unmanned driving, artificial intelligence algorithms and others. The total investment of the signed projects is expected to exceed 20 billion Chinese yuan.

Green Expo Lakeside and Wisdom Feast

On the evening of the event, government leaders, well-known academicians and scholars in the field of digital economy, representatives of participating entrepreneurs and innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises will be invited to gather at the lakeside of Xiongan Country Park to talk at night about the formation of "New Image", the construction of "New Function", the development of "New Industry", the gathering of "New Talents" and the construction of "New Mechanism" of  Xiongan New Area, share the cutting-edge concepts of digital economy at home and abroad and relevant excellent construction achievements, carry out multi-dimensional cooperation and exchange, and jointly describe the future city.


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